Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Love - 2003

The storm was drawing nearer
The night was getting cold
I thought there was no hope
I could not see the light
A gust of wind surrounded me
And swept me from afar
Into the arms
The loving arms
Of the one who set me free

The love is like no other
The feeling never dies
The world around me crumbles
I am safe in my savior’s arms

Questions - 2003

When will the darkness fade?
Will the sun peep over
The tree-covered hill
To see the children play?
Will the rooster crow
When the north wind blows
To cast all fears away?

Will the dark disappear
Or stay another day?
Will the sun ever shine
On the morning dew
Or stay in his house
‘Til the war is through

Picture of a Bleeding Rose - 2003

A single white rose
Sits on the lonely mantle
In a vase without any water
A memory of a love gone past
A fire burns within the hearth
The flames are dancing
Yet slowly dying
A memory of a flame now dead
The rose is wilting
This beautiful white rose
So elegant and pure
A single drop of blood
Falls from the rose
A crimson tear of pain
Once so beautiful and pure
Now stained forever with the blood of hate

Only the birds and the trees - 2003

Only the birds and the trees
Shall here my cry
Only the birds and the trees
Shall know my longing
Only the birds and the trees
For they cannot tell
Shall hear what my heart longs to say

Though the earth may cry out
And the stars shall sing
Only the birds and the trees
And the flowers below
Shall know of my heart’s lonely cry

As the night wonders on
As the sky reaches out
They shall never understand
The reason I cry
And just as the birds and the flowers shall see
You shall never understand me

Oh man in the moon - 2003

Oh man in the moon,
Why do you weep?
Have your friends
All gone astray?
Did they leave you here
Tattered and torn
To weep the night away?

Did your friends betray you,
Leave you out,
And go their separate ways?

Oh man in the moon,
Why do you weep?
Did your best friend move away
Are all the stars laughing?
Did your friends all turn away
At the sound of howling
From the sun
When you were sad and gray?

Dear man in the moon,
No longer weep.
The sky is full of stars.
Surely you can find
A friend as good as mine.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Advice - 2003

laugh off the pain, rejection, and sorrow
hide behind a smiling face
leave it all in the past
the hurt will disappear
let the world believe you are happy
though inside you are dying
smile and let the world believe you’re OK
don't let them see the tears
wait until dark when you cannot be seen
then you can cry, let the pain flow out
keep it inside you until you explode
then they can see what has happened to you
in the morning when they ask of your tear-stained face
lie and tell of a sad song heard
they will believe
if only you smile

If Only - 2003

If only you knew
How I feel inside
If only you knew
How you made me cry
If only you knew
How it hurts to know
If only you remembered
How I loved you so
If only you could hear
The cry of my lonely heart
If only you could see
The scars surrounding me
If only you knew
What my heart longs to say
If only you knew
I might live another day
If only

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Good Night - 2003

Good night, good night
We now must part
Ever will we meet again?
As I walk along life’s narrow path
I’ll think of you often
Every thought, I’ll see your face
Every touch, your sweet embrace
Will I ever know your love again?
Good night, good night
We will meet again
Life is brief, but time is eternal
I will love you ‘til the day I die
“Good night” I’ll say
But never shall I say “Goodbye”

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Could You Ever - 2003

Could you ever know
Why the night is so cold
Could you ever hear
Those who cry in the dark
Could you ever wonder
What life would be like
Could you ever care
How you hurt someone so bad
Could you ever know
Why the wind cries so loud
Could you ever
You would know
You would feel
You would cry
You would laugh
And you would die

Saturday, July 26, 2003

I Don't Really Have a Choice - summer 2003

The steps are cold
But here I sit
The door is closed
But here I stay
I cannot hear
But still I listen
I cannot see
But still I watch
They told me I don’t want to be there
But what if I do?
I don’t really have a choice
All I see are shadows
Moving under the door
All I hear are mumbled voices
Under the noise of the washing machine
I do not know what they are saying
Still, I know it can’t be good
I don’t want to be a part of it
I know that for a fact
But I don’t really have a choice

Monday, June 23, 2003

Before I Met You - 2003 (version 2)

I knew you before I met you
I met you in a dream
I woke up crying in your arms
You took away my tears
I felt your eyes, your loving eyes
Find me in the crowd
Was it really you?
The jealous eyes that watched
As I talked to a long lost love
The gentle hand
The tender words
Comforting my tears
Truth is only known by God
I do not know what’s real
Was it you there in my dream?
There is something special about you
What it is, I do not know
But I do know…
I loved you before I met you
I met you in a dream
I woke up crying in your arms
And you swept me off my feet
Before you even knew me