Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who Are You? - 2005 (?)

Who are you to tell me how to feel?
Who are you to make me hide what’s real?
Who are you to ignore all that I’ve said?
Who are you?

You think you’re something special
You think you’re really great
You think you’re so spectacular
I think I’m gonna puke

Who are you to say you are the greatest?
Who are you to run away from truth?
Who are you to leave here to wander?
Who are you?

You think that you’re God’s gift to us
You think you’ve got us fooled
You think we’ll never notice
I think that you’re the fool

Who are you to never even notice
the pain we’ve all been dealt?
Who are you to think you know the way
when you’re the one who’s lost?
Who are you to veer us from our path
when your way leads to death?
Who are you?

When every night I prayed - 2005

When every night I prayed
I prayed a prayer for you
The girl who lay there crippled
I prayed you’d take a step
The beggar on the sidewalk
I never stopped to help
“Will work for food,” your sign would read
I never helped to quench your need
Everyone I didn’t save
The witnesses I never gave
Regrets will haunt me evermore
Even now past Heaven’s door
I still pray for all of you
I wish, I only wish I knew
Back then what I know now
For surely I’d have told you how
To get to here

Wanderer - 2005 (a song)

I never saw her cry
Though pain filled her eyes
Last thing she said was “forget it
Life isn’t worth the fuss”
Worry all you want to
But now she’s gone

She’s a wanderer
Never really had a home
She’s a wanderer
She was always been alone
In a one-bedroom apartment
Where she spent her childhood
Growing up to fast and wondering
If she’d ever wander home

Wander home, little wanderer
Pay attention now, my dear
Though your heart be sad and lonely
We will always love you here
Wander home, little wanderer
Pay attention now, my dear
No, your pain can’t be forgotten
But we will always love you here

Her tears shroud the darkness
Through her eyes once bright and clear
Her pain can’t be forgotten
Hidden fears of yesteryear

She’s a wanderer
Crying loud to all who hear
She’s a wanderer
Wishing life would disappear
Smile for the sadness
Wandering angel tears
Light her face from Heaven up above

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Perfect Song - 2005

I was sent on a mission
To write the perfect song
A poem without ending
So that all could sing along
Remnants of a child’s dream
Past’s forgotten name
The beauty of the ogre
They all should sound the same
A light shines through the window
With my mind’s pen in hand
I try to write a thousand words
Like tiny grains of sand
The birds give inspiration
Their songs with beauty ring
The masses laugh and scoff at them
And they refuse to sing
The picture perfect sunset
Is what I need to find
To show the little children
They will not be left behind
The song resounds like a symphony
With harmony’s finest chords
Yet utters not a syllable
And wastes not one word
Such a song should surely bring
Peace upon the earth
With every family gathering
Around its fiery hearth
Nature’s melody should ring
Out loud with every phrase
Chorus, verse, and bridge should know
The One we ought to praise
A hymn of invitation
This song should also be
Praising not the writer
Remembering only He
I haven’t the words to write this song
Nor does any other man
For the song was written long ago
Upon this weary land
Listen to the mountains
For they shall always sing
Of love and peace and harmony
All that the good Lord brings
So here I end my mission
To write the perfect song
For it was written by God alone
And lasts eternity long

Song About Me - 2005

I thought that death would save me
But now I know the truth
I thought my life would save me
But now I call on You

I don’t know how it got this way –
How I got to where I am
Life hurt so bad I wanted to die
But cry is all I’d do
The Ruler of Darkness thrived in me
As I hung my head in shame
In a life full of darkness
I hid myself in sin
My secrets lurking somewhere near
A life of worthless passing

Too much sin to be forgiven
Too many lies to be saved
Too much sorrow, too much pain
Too much hate, and too much shame

But then, my Lord, He rescued me
He saved me from my sin
My secret wonders and my shame
From the darkness of my heart
In the passion of Your love
The reality of Your life
In You alone I live in full
Apart from You, I’m nothing
The road I walk is clearly paved
With safety in Your arms

The Light abides within the darkness
The truest Light of all
Lifting up my hands with praise
My story never ends

Silence in the hallway - 2005

Silence in the hallway
Footsteps down the stairs
Sneaking out at midnight
No one knows she’s there

“Listen to me, won’t you!”
I scream to deafened ears
All alone I’m crying
These unshedable tears

Lost in circumstances
Unseen in her youth
Never saw me crying
“I still love you”

Alone in pain and silence
I cry, “I need you, please!”
No one knows the difference
As I fall down on my knees

My God, just where were you
When she held that knife in hand?
Where were you when we
Vowed our friendship in the sands?

Where were you when bloodshed
Took over both our lives?
Where were you the night I cried
And begged you for her life?

Why did she leave, dear God?
Why’d she cause such pain?
Why couldn’t I stop her, Lord?
Instead of standing in the rain

I watched her leave in silence
She never knew my tears
God whispers in the darkness
“I’ve always been right here”

Outside of Myself - 2005

I am not myself today, I fear
I've lost myself in time
I cannot see. I cannot hear
Yet terror brings me home
I float in clouds I cannot see
My brain is numb and I,
I do not wish that I could be
With you again, my dear
My dear, sweet home is calling me
To come back where I lie
So many times before thee
And stretched out another hand

Only In A Dream - 2005 (edited from 2003 version)

You held me when I cried
You kissed away my tears
You watched me as I passed you by
You conquered all my fears
You loved me once, you told no lies
But only in a dream
Only in a dream
A moment – fleeting – passed
How I wished that it would last!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My life in bits and pieces - 2005

My life in bits and pieces
I spread across this page
Shifting through with scrutiny
Do with me what you may

Hear me but don’t listen
Search for poetry
Criticize my rhyming games
Ignore my honesty

Reading with blind eyes
You cannot see its truth
Think you’ve got me figured out
But I don’t write for you

Monday, September 26, 2005

Know - 2005

Know my future slips away
With every breath I do not take
Know I hide my head in shame
Know I hear them whisper my name
Know my future isn’t mine
Know I’ve lost myself in time
Know I cry ‘most every night
Know my heart has lost all sight
There is no future in my view
I have no future without you
You left me, a child in the rain
You left me and ignored my pain
You love me when you’re hurting
Then you leave me searching
For a place to call my home
For a friend to call my own
Know I pray every night for you
Know my love runs through and through
Know my hurting isn’t done
Know that now I see the sun
Know I’m fighting to live on
Know I’m writing you this song
Know my love will always last
Know that now you’re a part of my past

I never thought it'd end like this - 2005

I never thought it’d end like this
I never thought I’d hurt this much
I fear my life is over
The future is unclear
There is no hope left for tomorrow
I lost it in my yesterday
My tears stain the paper
You’re happy now, I know
My misery is mine alone
I love you with all my heart
Now her heart loves you too
You’ll never know how much I’m hurting
You’ll never see the tears I’m crying
Temptation looms to take you back
You were never mine at all
I love you in the silence
Death’s my final victory
Tears my last goodbye
I love you more than you’ll ever know
I loved you enough to stop my blood’s flow

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Her heart is black - 2005

Her heart is black
Her soul is dying
Death’s her victory
Never has she loved before
Born in Heaven
Her heart’s forgotten
The love of her Savior’s blood

She thinks her blood will save her
She cries out from her death
With Satan’s arms around her
She takes her final breath
God loved her ‘til the last
If only she could see
In Christ, there’s victory

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Fine" - 2005

Lying through my teeth tonight
Telling you I’m fine
Know my secrets
Know my hiding
Know my future isn’t mine

Know the truth that lies beneath
You know the anger boils
Creeping out from underneath
Hide behind the neon sign
Blaring loud “I’m fine!”

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Crying out to you - 2005 (?)

Crying out to you
Hold me in the darkness
Let me cry
Let me breathe out your name
Save me from myself
Don’t let me go

Into the pits of every pain you caused
Listening to lies untold
Never let me go

You reach your hand out
I’m grasping for your heart
You reach your hand out
Say we’ll never part
Now I reach out
Longing for your love to comfort
Know now
I’ll never let you go

Death to our love
Creep up from the grave
Tell me that you love me but
I’m not
The girl that you’re looking for

I’m breaking
Lost in
This life of pain
Reaching out to you
No longer to love you

Choices of the Heart - 2005

An iron rose will never wilt
An ice-cold heart won’t break
Protect it from the world around
And cover it with stone

An iron rose rusts in the vase
The ice-cold heart will melt
Statues serve as pigeons’ roosts
The greatest always fall

A wilted rose is of no use
A broken heart won’t mend
Until you open it again
Casting stones breaks only bones

Protect yourself from all the world
And never live at all
Or open up and die inside
Will you live or hide?

Bittersweet Emancipation - 2005

Facing death with courage
Waiting to see God
Tears of losing earthly life
Joy of eternal salvation

A life of serving Christ our Lord
How much more can be asked?
Love, compassion, family
The things great life is made of

Striving for a better life
Suffer through the pain
Laugh in the face of darkness
Smile through the tears

Certain death, but not defeat
The Lord will always triumph
No sadness on his final day
A son is coming home

Monday, August 15, 2005

Anger grows beneath the snare - 2005

Anger grows beneath the snare
Of death and Satan’s glee
Grew the morning that you died
And sat upon his knee

History repeats itself
Time and time again
Another story saddens me
The broken hearts remain

Another one you tossed away
Another heart to break
Sweat rolls lightly from your brow
Another life did take

Another soul did wake
To the empty meaning of your love
Your words so full of lust
Secret passion, no substitute
Your players’ blood runs cold
Without the slightest hint of grief
You killed her heart again

Another one you tossed away
Another heart to break
Sweat rolls lightly from your brow
Another life did take

History repeats itself
Time and time again
Another story saddens me
The broken hearts remain

Anger grows beneath the snare
Of death and Satan’s glee
Grew the morning that you died
And sat upon his knee

Alone - 2005

Alone here in the darkness
Alone here in the crowd
They’re moving all around me
Yet no one makes a sound
Alone there in the darkness
Alone there in the crowd
You’re staring at the concrete
The ledge is closer now

Abortion's Grave - 2005

Killed in his mother’s womb
Unwanted, sigh in death
No breath shall meet his lips
Call him a “mistake”
This life is seen as nothing
Now his mother is his grave
She feels no grief
For she knows not what she’s done
“Only a fetus”
“Not life at all”
With his mother as his grave
Never had a chance to cry
God has taken him Home
This unwanted little child
He has made His own

A minute away - 2005

A minute away
Reaching out to you
Never know just why
We do the things we do
If only there was a way
If only a single glance
Could say it all
If only there as a way
To know why we live
To know why we die
Without knowing why we love
We love in secret
So we never hurt
We love in silence
‘Cause it would never work
Staring from across the room
Staring from worlds away
If only there was a way
We wouldn’t have to love this way

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beautiful Scars - 2005 (short version)

I know the feeling all too well
Running through a living hell
Much worse are the scars I show
Words burn inside with a strangling glow
The lies outlast the hidden smile
My blood pours out and all the while
They shun me and my beautiful scars

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

POEMA - June 2005 (Camp YoliJwa)

Perfect creativity
Oxygen to those who live
Eternally secured in God
Much more could be said
About this, God’s

Perfection in the Father’s hand
Over all the earth
Everyday we live God’s plan
My Lord, He smiles down
Another life is saved through God’s