Monday, August 16, 2004

Dirty Little Secrets - 2004

Dirty little secrets
Behind the panes of glass
Hiding from the truth
Rejecting all who pass

Dirty little secrets
Behind those eyes so blue
They’d run in search of cover
If they only knew

Dirty little secrets
Past’s forgotten sins
‘Til robbers enter into the tomb
That’s where your hell begins

Dirty little secrets
In search of something more
You run to find the entrance
Slam into death’s front door

Dirty little secrets
Mistaken alibis
Your cover’s blown and then you’re caught
In a web of your own lies

Curtain of Tears - 2004

I’m all alone right now
Hiding in my own reality
Life’s a game it seems
The rules aren’t very clear

I’m all alone right now
Hiding in my own reality
A curtain of tears is all I see
Cry one more tear for me

Losing the game of life
Behind a curtain made of tears
The little girl is hopeless
All she has are fears

Losing the game of life
Behind a curtain made of tears
She hides in empty wilderness
Stifling her fears

False reality is my sanctuary
As I brave another day
Living in this world opaque
By the curtain made of tears

The Cliff - 2004

I stand on the edge of a cliff
in my desperate attempt to live
I stand there staring down into
the valley far below
I cannot deny the urge to jump
leaning closer toward the edge
a single step could mean my death
the end of the life I know
All that I can think is
"Does he love me true?
Is this the love that I
will cherish all life through?"
I lean a little closer
His hand reaches for my thigh
A little insecure now
my life goes racing by
I'm giving in yet once again
to what he says he needs
I'm standing on the edge now
of a cliff without an end
he's saying that he loves me
and I jump once again

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Battle Scars - 2004

She hides her battle scars in silence
All have seen, but none have known
The pain they show within
Though outside all have vanished
Inside, still, they linger
Tearing at her ever time
She takes a breath or two
Not a moment of silent peace
Has been since the war began
Cause unknown and source the same
Still the pain shall linger on
Every day grows harder and harder
And then it all returns
Another battle to be fought
The hardest of the war
A battle between mind and body
This battle can’t be won
At last a moment’s peace is given
Her last breath then she takes
She is a victim of the war
She could not live to fight

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Mannequin - August 2004

A woman stands in the storefront window
She stares incisively at passersby
She never says a word instead
She watches butterflies
Little, green, pink, flowered dress
Sun bonnet on her head
Faded yellow collar
Notebook in her hand
Perfect spot for a writer’s mind
But her hand won’t flex to form the words
Her mouth refused to mumble
So she sits all day pen in hand
The world lays on her mind