Friday, September 26, 2003

Advice - 2003

laugh off the pain, rejection, and sorrow
hide behind a smiling face
leave it all in the past
the hurt will disappear
let the world believe you are happy
though inside you are dying
smile and let the world believe you’re OK
don't let them see the tears
wait until dark when you cannot be seen
then you can cry, let the pain flow out
keep it inside you until you explode
then they can see what has happened to you
in the morning when they ask of your tear-stained face
lie and tell of a sad song heard
they will believe
if only you smile

If Only - 2003

If only you knew
How I feel inside
If only you knew
How you made me cry
If only you knew
How it hurts to know
If only you remembered
How I loved you so
If only you could hear
The cry of my lonely heart
If only you could see
The scars surrounding me
If only you knew
What my heart longs to say
If only you knew
I might live another day
If only

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Good Night - 2003

Good night, good night
We now must part
Ever will we meet again?
As I walk along life’s narrow path
I’ll think of you often
Every thought, I’ll see your face
Every touch, your sweet embrace
Will I ever know your love again?
Good night, good night
We will meet again
Life is brief, but time is eternal
I will love you ‘til the day I die
“Good night” I’ll say
But never shall I say “Goodbye”