Thursday, September 29, 2005

My life in bits and pieces - 2005

My life in bits and pieces
I spread across this page
Shifting through with scrutiny
Do with me what you may

Hear me but don’t listen
Search for poetry
Criticize my rhyming games
Ignore my honesty

Reading with blind eyes
You cannot see its truth
Think you’ve got me figured out
But I don’t write for you

Monday, September 26, 2005

Know - 2005

Know my future slips away
With every breath I do not take
Know I hide my head in shame
Know I hear them whisper my name
Know my future isn’t mine
Know I’ve lost myself in time
Know I cry ‘most every night
Know my heart has lost all sight
There is no future in my view
I have no future without you
You left me, a child in the rain
You left me and ignored my pain
You love me when you’re hurting
Then you leave me searching
For a place to call my home
For a friend to call my own
Know I pray every night for you
Know my love runs through and through
Know my hurting isn’t done
Know that now I see the sun
Know I’m fighting to live on
Know I’m writing you this song
Know my love will always last
Know that now you’re a part of my past

I never thought it'd end like this - 2005

I never thought it’d end like this
I never thought I’d hurt this much
I fear my life is over
The future is unclear
There is no hope left for tomorrow
I lost it in my yesterday
My tears stain the paper
You’re happy now, I know
My misery is mine alone
I love you with all my heart
Now her heart loves you too
You’ll never know how much I’m hurting
You’ll never see the tears I’m crying
Temptation looms to take you back
You were never mine at all
I love you in the silence
Death’s my final victory
Tears my last goodbye
I love you more than you’ll ever know
I loved you enough to stop my blood’s flow

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Her heart is black - 2005

Her heart is black
Her soul is dying
Death’s her victory
Never has she loved before
Born in Heaven
Her heart’s forgotten
The love of her Savior’s blood

She thinks her blood will save her
She cries out from her death
With Satan’s arms around her
She takes her final breath
God loved her ‘til the last
If only she could see
In Christ, there’s victory

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Fine" - 2005

Lying through my teeth tonight
Telling you I’m fine
Know my secrets
Know my hiding
Know my future isn’t mine

Know the truth that lies beneath
You know the anger boils
Creeping out from underneath
Hide behind the neon sign
Blaring loud “I’m fine!”