Sunday, August 19, 2007

inspiration: part 2...or, the lack there of - 8/19/07

a lack of inspiration
has stripped me of my soul
giving in to no desires
fighting to speak no more words

don't tell me that it's ok
don't say you love me anyway
I know you hurt as much as me
for you, too, live in poetry

your words once flew
on wings of eternal sunshine
your mind was once
the place that you called home
now we run from ourselves
in search of a stranger destination
than we've ever been before
in search of some magic conversation
that would give rise to the inspiration
to set our souls free from this prison
and live poetry once more

routine - 8/19/07

11 pm
lie in bed
listen to music
close book
turn off music
turn off light
stare at ceiling
close eyes
1 am
turn on music
2 am
turn off music
3 am
get up
check email
realize it's 3 am, no one else is awake
go back to bed
4 am
watch a shadow pass across the room
wonder if 3 days without sleep causes hallucinations
close eyes
count sheep
5 am
fall out of bed
stay there

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I should have forgotten by now - 8/5/07 (this needs a title)

I should have forgotten by now
I should have left you in the past
where you broke my already too-fragile heart

I should have forgotten by now
But once I kissed the ground you walked on
because I could never kiss your lips
how could I forget?
You see, my heart still pounds at the mention of your name
and my eyes tear up when I hear your memory call my name

I should have forgotten by now
instead, I whisper softly to you
as I lie in bed and dream of how you
would have held me
had you not gone so soon

I should have forgotten by now
I should have hidden your memory in the back of my closet
but instead of you, I’ve hidden myself
and I wait there in silence for you to come back to me
I will wait for eternity

I should have forgotten by now
but instead of forgetting you
it seems I’ve forgotten me