Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Road to Seeing God - July 2004 (written at Mount Lou San Bible Camp)

My heart is racing as I step
Up closer to the door
The future is forgotten as
My past looms overhead
Forgiveness reaches out to me
And grabs my feeble hand
He pulls me close and hugs me tight
With a gentle caress
Inside the door is Happiness
He’s past the fields of blue
A ray of sunshine fills my eye
My past is left behind
Yet I cling to my guilty sin
I committed long ago
The deep, deep wounds of past forgot
Burst with my crimson blood
I’m filled with pain so great it burns
My heart with every breath
Hope of happiness drifts away
And Danger whispers, “Dear,
My little child come to me and sit here on my knee
We’ll have much fun when Anger comes
And then with misery we’ll…”
“Stop!” I cried and grabbed the door
But locked it seemed to be
No turning back for now the past is gone
The future’s all I see
“I must go on,” I say at last
And pick myself up tall
I push past Danger and the rest,
Toward happiness galore
The fields of blue are wonderful,
But blood drips from the trees
This last reminder of the past
Is all that I can see
My scars attempt to hide the pain
But fail so miserably
My blood pours out as I fall down
And land upon my knees
A cross is lifted off of me
A man stands where I look
My blood pours down his spotless face
My sins are washed away
He takes my cross up on the hill
I nail him to that tree
It’s there my Jesus died for me
With love, peace, purity
I see the lonely cross that held
My sins, my savior’s blood
I’ll hang upon that cross someday
I’ll suffer for Christ’s sake
Treasures shall be stored in Heaven
And I’ll see God that day