Monday, May 14, 2007

talking about forever - 5/14/07

in my mind, you kiss my cheek
and the innocence of it
makes me cry

we’re talking about forever
and in my mind, I’m watching us
in your dorm room
the lights turned low

I want to sing to you
all the praises that I know
give you all the love
from every poem ever written

I want to hold you in the darkness
cry with you
breathe out this depression with you
never know sadness again

I’m thinking about forever
yes or no
fearing either reality

there is no doubt
how I feel right now
but I don’t want to hurt you again

we’re talking about forever
as I contemplate eternity
among other things

it must be fate
and I must agree
I could talk about forever
for eternity

Monday, May 07, 2007

depression - 5/7/07

I’ll call you when
I can speak again
I'll visit when
I can breathe again
I’ll write more when
I can feel again
I’ll sing some when
I have faith again
I’ll kiss you when
I feel good again
you’ll love me when
I’m me again

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Prayer for Love - 5/6/07

Lord, take me to September
let me see her face
let me whisper in her ear
let me know of her embrace
Lord, give me wings to fly to her
so I, her kiss can taste
give me strength for miles to walk
let me walk it with great haste
Lord, do not let me lose her now
let me know the words to say
let me tell her that I love her
I will love her for always

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Breathe - 5/2/07

you’re the only reason
I breathe anymore
but I can’t
even feel your breath
and I wouldn’t know
if you took your final breath
we’re worlds apart
I must wonder if you’re even real
I breathe just for you
I want to be with you
to live with you
to breathe with you
and when you take your final breath
I want to breathe right next to you
so let’s breathe out life
for love’s sake
just breathe