Thursday, November 23, 2006

don't say that you love her - 11/23/06

don't say that you love her
I know it too well
don't say that she loves you
my heart can tell
don't look at me softly
don't dare say my name
don't tell me I'm lovely
for I am to blame
you don’t know that my heart broke
you don't know that I cried
you don't know what I wished for
I wished I would die
don't say that you love her
I know that it's true
don't say that she's perfect
she's not better than you
you were what I wanted
though you went astray
you still hold my heart
but I won't beg you to stay
I won't call out your name
I won't make a scene
I'll just sit here, silent
you know what I mean

beauty yet misunderstood - 11/23/06

beauty yet misunderstood
secret passion hid
for fear of losing everything
within our hearts there dwell

look unto her stunning face
see wherein the beauty holds
her secrets and her shadows there
behind her shining eyes of gold

what loss can stand we now to bear
what great and unknown curse
here hath we yet been bestowed
we mock our savior's birth

listen as I say her name
loud, in whisper call
her beauty e'er hid from us well
let not the words be strong

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Be - 11/2/06

I don't know what it means to "be"
Exist, but never to be seen?
Creation never shown?
Love that never can be known?
I don't know what it means to "be"
But I know that Life wants more from me

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dreams Don't Come True - 11/1/06

Not so much love to go around
I used it up once upon a dream
'Twas a dream that won't come true
You know dreams, they never do

I know your love, it's been around
They say you're what you'll always be
They say our dreams, they won't come true
You know dreams, they never do

Still, I'll wish upon the stars
But I'll dream that we will never be
Cause dreams never come true
Don't you know, they never do

Our First Kiss - 11/1/06

I've never held your hand
or known the taste of that first kiss
but something's stirred within my soul
though I don't know just what it is
I pray that it will never go
and I pray you'll never leave
so someday I will hold your hand
and taste of our first kiss