Monday, February 02, 2004

Eyes of Colored Glass / Along Life's Weary Path - 2004

I cannot see through tear-stained eyes
I said I would not compromise
My beliefs for those who cannot see
Through eyes of colored glass

I witnessed hundreds, thousands yet
I saw them all and I would bet
Not one of them saw me
Through eyes of colored glass

I know that still another one
Will run the race we haven't won
And then his death we'll surely see
Through eyes of colored glass

Victory is life's symphony
When won by men so bold
As to tell the stories never told
Along life's weary path

None have been so bold to ask of me
Why I cry myself to sleep
As now I lie in fields and weep
Along life's weary path

You'll never know of the seven seas
If you don't dare to ask
And then in glory never bask
Along life's weary path