Thursday, April 10, 2008

Surviving: Part 3

seven years of sadness
seven years of tears
seven years of bloodshed
seven years of fear

hold on to the happy times
the months, the weeks, the days
hold on to the hidden smiles
know that it will be OK

my mind is like a battlefield
the pen, it is my sword
I've fought this war with blood before
but now I fight with words

I try so hard my fingers bleed
my wrists are crimson, too
I hold onto the dying light
I see it inside you

my mirror is my enemy
so are my tear-streaked cheeks
I've called on new recruits
but it seems they are too weak

another battle in this war
I'm fighting it tonight
each battle I have won thus far
but nothing seems alright

another day of sadness
another day of tears
another day of bloodshed
the war will end right here

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